Albarelli by Greg Payce (Calgary), powder coated aluminum, 4x21ft, 2010   I   Client: Lois Hole Hospital for Women

Interested in bringing more sophistication, creativity or character to your spaces?

Do you have a 1% commitment to public art?

Are you looking to add value to your project bids?

S. Pointe & Co. Inc. creates custom art plans for corporate offices, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, bringing vibrant original artwork to your or your client’s spaces. We match the corporate character and interior themes to artists’ work, and ensure our clients maximize their support of and investment in the arts community. We advocate for buying original and starting local.

Contact us for a tour of the Lois Hole Hospital for Women where over 500 original works from Western Canada were procured – telling the stories of the artist, artwork and connections between the community and the hospital. Some of Edmonton’s finest large-scale exterior sculptures by Greg Payce, Liz Magor, Wendy Coburn and Reinhard Skoracki were commissioned for the Lois Hole.

S. Pointe & Co. Inc. does not take commissions on art sales, leaving us free to work with commercial galleries as well as un-represented artists. We simply charge hourly for our time, passing any discounts on art, framing and installation to you.

The Power of Art

More and more evidence is showing that the spaces where we work, play and heal, have a tremendous impact on our satisfaction, morale and health. The Lois Hole Hospital for Women, CK Hui Heart Institute and AIMCo are dramatic examples of this belief with detailed attention to the positive effect created by wall colours, flooring, furnishings, lighting, and original artwork.

Virtually every corporation has “community impact” as part of its formal vision. By purchasing original artwork from local and regional artists, businesses achieve this in a particularly productive way. The artists live in the same regions as our clients, staff, patients and their families. The images and stories imbued in their work resonate with our clients and staff fostering understanding, memories, personal connections,…comfort.

Original artwork includes sculpture, textiles, ceramic and glass work. A diversity of media and size brings distinctiveness to corridors and rooms. Original artwork (appropriately selected and placed) communicates sophistication, innovation and creativity.  It communicates to our clients and staff that we care enough about their perceptions of our environment to install original artwork rather than catalogue prints like a cheap motel.

It is difficult to articulate the power of a hand created artwork without sounding sentimental. Yet, most of us instinctively understand the magic in seeing the brushstrokes and thickness of the paint, the charcoal dust on the drawing, and the imperfect chisel marks in the clay.